Havoc Marathon Virtual Run


This event is a road running using the same route as the SCKLM event but virtually.

Running start from now, until 31 December 2022. But, after make payment you need to connect your Strava with twtjogging.

Runners can accumulate the distance with no limit of running session.

Distance: 42.2 km
Race Period: now until – 28 December 2022
Record Submission Period: now until – 28 December 2022

Runners Will Receive:
+ Leaderboard
+ Distance Marker
– with a running map (google maps + street view)
– Connect with Strava

Progress Table
– updated in real time (total mileage, location on the virtual route)

Complete your marathon anywhere outdoors, at a location of your choice any time using any GPS running device and connect with Strava.

There will be no awards or prizes for the winners of the race. However, you will enjoy our new features Real-time marker on route map position. (Google street view)

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